Sutton suspended again

As the calendar flipped from October to November a short while ago, the NHL suspended Oiler defenseman Andy Sutton five games for a dirty head shot on Gabriel Landeskog. RiverCityAlberta quoted Sutton when he responded to the suspension: “For 14 years, I’ve always played the game with respect and integrity and I will continue to... Continue Reading →

Take his head off!

On November 1st, the Edmonton Oilers' Andy Sutton was issued a five-game suspension by the NHL for hitting Grabriel Landeskog in the head in an open-ice hit. I hope the players are starting to have the message sink in: head shots and vicious checks on players in vulnerable positions are no longer wanted in hockey.... Continue Reading →

Image via WikipediaFor a city with a rich and proud sports history, the past few years have been long and about as lean as Olive Oyl on Nutrisystem. Consider the Eskimos. Once a proud franchise hailed as the flagship organization of the CFL. My oh my, how the mighty have fallen. A comedy of errors... Continue Reading →

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