Ramping Up to Retirement

I hope to retire in nine years or less and if I can convince the Bos Lady, I know where we’ll put up our heels to enjoy a life without nine-to-fives. San Diego, California. Of course, retirement in this coastal city of bliss is wholly dependent on the survival of America, which is hardly a... Continue Reading →

The Sounds and Colours of Home

The memories cascade quickly, bringing snapshots crisply into focus; flooding the conscience mind with amazing details of people and places and activities of so long ago. How old was I then in the remembered days of Spruce Grove? Ten? And what was I in the days of Inglewood? I think in Grade One, maybe younger.... Continue Reading →

Who are you, River City?

I was chatting with my favourite eldest son, the Boy Without a Truck, the other day about River City sports teams. How our keynote pro teams had monikers linked to the city’s heritage and its relationship to black gold. We cited the usual: Edmonton Oilers, the original Edmonton Oil Kings and – let’s do it... Continue Reading →

The Return of the Mosquitoes

Like a plague, they've returned to River City: billions of mosquitoes. They've come back with a hunger not seen since the 1970's. Before this year, the Year of Many Rains, River City residents have enjoyed three decades of relative freedom from mosquitoes. City crews here and all across the prairies along with years of drought-like conditions had virtually wiped out... Continue Reading →

River City drivers: from bad to worse

In all the cities I've driven in, I think the drivers in Edmonton are the worst. Everyday I find myself muttering about some dufus chasing a stale yellow to left-turn on a blatant red. Everyday, I yell at some clown that's completely forgotten why his turn signal lever was invented. Everyday I gesture madly at... Continue Reading →

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