Walterdale Bridge

walterdale bridge currentThe Walterdale Bridge – River City’s green beast – will soon be a part of history. Built in 1913, the Walterdale will be decommissioned and replaced by a new arch design. New Walterdale bridge

Construction will probably begin in the spring of 2013 with a budget of around $132 million. Right now, city council is wrestling with what to do with the current Walterdale when the new bridge is completed.
A recent report provided to council suggests that keeping it open for pedestrian and cycle would be too expensive.

That’s too bad. Although I don’t find the green beast a thing of beauty, it’s an important link to another era. It’s part of our history; it’s a part of us. Too often in River City we tear down our civic identities, replacing what should be cherished pieces of our past with shiny new things devoid of any character. It will be a shame to see the old girl go.