Kitchen renos — check!

Well, the latest phase of kitchen renovations at Chez Bos is now complete. Gone is the tired, old Formica countertop, adios to the old sinks and faucet, good riddance to the ugly back-splash (although the little mural above the cooktop had a certain quirky charm). And HELLO! to our new quartz counter, bright new back-splash, and... Continue Reading →

Easy for you to say

(A recent Facebook post about mispronounced words that are pet peeves for some people garnered some interest. And the cited words stuck in my head...until I purged them here!) My Minnesota Vikings have been a pleasant surprise, going in to this weekend with a solid 8-3 record – good enough to sit in first place in the... Continue Reading →


Chez Bos has undergone its annual morphing into a food factory. Specifically, the BosKrokettenWerks. Perhaps you might be wondering: “What in the world are ‘kroketten’?” Fair question, but perhaps you might be familiar with the English (née French) word for them: croquettes, which Wikipedia describes as: “a small bread-crumbed fried food roll containing…mashed potatoes and/or... Continue Reading →

Under the G: Seven…Mr. Trudeau Goes to Japan

SHIMA, Japan, May 26, 2016 - Early discussions at this week's G7 Summit took at an unexpected turn today, precipitating astonishment around the table. In his first international summit in which skis were not part of his entourage, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moved that Russia's President, Vladimir Putin be reinstated to the group, thus returning... Continue Reading →

Life and death and grief

I cried after reading an essay today, written by a lady I had never heard of. Her name is Sheryl Sandberg and she is now a widow. Suddenly. She lost her husband at his tender age of 47. Ms. Sandberg has penned an essay about grief that is beyond moving. It hurts to read. For... Continue Reading →

Ottawa observations

My friend, Master Bill (now a resident in Fredericton) boasts Ottawa as his home town. For the Bos Lady and I, the nation's capitol was a most fair city to visit, even without a guide such as Master Bill to show us around. The highlight of our stay -- sure to be that of every... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the Mat Keepers

The Bos Lady and I went to Parliament Hill today. We may never be the same. Having done some online research, we planned to visit Parliament Hill shortly before noon to hear the 15-minute Peace Tower carillon bells concert. So we arrived in time with about ten minutes to spare to find a nice spot on the... Continue Reading →

Leaving Las Vegas

Recently, the Bos Lady and I spent a week in Las Vegas, which was a nice break from River City weather. It wasn’t hot down there, just a comfortable 60F/15C high on most days. We enjoyed our stay, although it’s doubtful we’ll be back in Sin City unless it’s a 100 percent golf getaway. One... Continue Reading →

Friendly Americans. Yup, I said it.

I wonder whether Americans get a bad rap. A bad rap from us Canadians that tend to see our southern neighbours as a loud, obnoxious and boorish lot. My experience in the US recently opened my eyes that we shouldn’t paint them all with that simplistic brush. All of the people we encountered at the... Continue Reading →

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