I got to thinking about Mom today. Seems natural, this being Mother’s Day and all. Hard to believe Mom’s been gone 15 years already. As I said, I got to thinking about what a special lady she was in her quiet, humble way. Got to thinking about my visits with her when she lived at … Continue reading Mom


Chez Bos has undergone its annual morphing into a food factory. Specifically, the BosKrokettenWerks. Perhaps you might be wondering: “What in the world are ‘kroketten’?” Fair question, but perhaps you might be familiar with the English (née French) word for them: croquettes, which Wikipedia describes as: “a small bread-crumbed fried food roll containing…mashed potatoes and/or … Continue reading BosKrokettenWerks

Under the G: Seven…Mr. Trudeau Goes to Japan

SHIMA, Japan, May 26, 2016 - Early discussions at this week's G7 Summit took at an unexpected turn today, precipitating astonishment around the table. In his first international summit in which skis were not part of his entourage, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moved that Russia's President, Vladimir Putin be reinstated to the group, thus returning … Continue reading Under the G: Seven…Mr. Trudeau Goes to Japan