ESP. Squared.

I'll admit it, I have faults. Many of them; scores of 'em, likely. Idiosyncrasies and oddities, too. I have one in particular that I'd always assumed everyone had: the desire -- no, the necessity -- that everything a person moved had to be returned to the exact place and position it had owned prior to … Continue reading ESP. Squared.

The Great Orlando Adventure 2018 Day 1: Travel Day

The saying goes: nothing good happens after 1 a.m. Well, nothing really happens at all after 1 a.m. at Edmonton International Airport, where arrived for the first leg of our great adventure: the 1 a.m. flight from Edmonton to the Centre of the Universe, aka Toronto,  We strolled to and fro through a largely deserted … Continue reading The Great Orlando Adventure 2018 Day 1: Travel Day


Today, I am 55 years old. Even my granddaughter Katelynn here is shocked.  I can honestly ask: How in the world did that happen? Only yesterday I was 22 and dating a hot young lady named Maria… But happen it did. And so despite the mystery of calendar pages flipping by in blurring speed, I … Continue reading I55