Ramping Up to Retirement

I hope to retire in nine years or less and if I can convince the Bos Lady, I know where we’ll put up our heels to enjoy a life without nine-to-fives. San Diego, California. Of course, retirement in this coastal city of bliss is wholly dependent on the survival of America, which is hardly a... Continue Reading →


Today, I am 55 years old. Even my granddaughter Katelynn here is shocked.  I can honestly ask: How in the world did that happen? Only yesterday I was 22 and dating a hot young lady named Maria… But happen it did. And so despite the mystery of calendar pages flipping by in blurring speed, I... Continue Reading →

Empty Nesting

With our youngest son out of the house almost a year now, the Bos Lady and I are empty nesters. I am told by societal norms that we must wait until 12 full months have passed until we are officially Empty Nesters. This is to ensure that none of the prodigals actually move back in,... Continue Reading →

Cruise to Mexico

In November 2016, the Bos Lady and I checked off an early completion on our bucket list: a cruise to Mexico on Holland America Cruises. Here are some pictorial highlights of our experience under the sun of Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta.    

Oceans Deep

Today is a “Sea Day”, meaning no port o’ call stops today. We are on Day 6 of our seven-day cruise to Mexico on Holland America’s ms Westerdam. The trip has been amazing, incredible, experiential – pick an adjective. More compelling though, the journey has been inspirational. Each day, I’ve often gazed at the ocean’s... Continue Reading →

The Sounds and Colours of Home

The memories cascade quickly, bringing snapshots crisply into focus; flooding the conscience mind with amazing details of people and places and activities of so long ago. How old was I then in the remembered days of Spruce Grove? Ten? And what was I in the days of Inglewood? I think in Grade One, maybe younger.... Continue Reading →

King Trumps Bear

I'm being watched. 24/7 surveillance that leaves me looking over  my shoulder from time to time. It's unsettling. There's no one in my room here at the Best Western Plus in Holland, Michigan. But he's out there. Right outside my window. Hanging on to the railing, just waiting...watching. Big Br'er Bear. Y'all might look closely... Continue Reading →


I got to thinking about Mom today. Seems natural, this being Mother’s Day and all. Hard to believe Mom’s been gone 15 years already. As I said, I got to thinking about what a special lady she was in her quiet, humble way. Got to thinking about my visits with her when she lived at... Continue Reading →

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