Of heroines and heroes

April 4, 2020 – E-Home

The Bos Lady is working this weekend at the assisted living senior’s facility where she’s worked for the past 18 years. She normally works in Administration there, Monday to Friday. But, as you well know, these are anything but normal times.¬† IMG_20190608_141334

Today she’s working hard, trucking up and down the endless corridors, delivering lunch meal trays to the hundreds of elderly who are hunkered down in their suites, just as we are in our homes.

By the time she’s completed her rounds, the Bos Lady will repeat the rounds in and out of the elevators, trucking up and down those same endless corridors, picking up those same trays now holding empty, dirty dinnerware and cutlery.

Then she’ll help in the kitchen with clean up and maybe prep work for the supper meal. Then in and out, up and down all over again.

And again and again tomorrow, the day of rest…

She’s not alone though. Her colleagues are all working extra shifts, doing vital work like that. Or cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning and disinfecting. Or guarding the doors so outsiders don’t sneak in during lock-down. Sneaking in with that nasty little coronavirus, which would be really bad.

They can’t lock all of these doors to the outside because they’re all fire doors, of course. And if they’d be locked in the event of an actual fire, well, that would be really bad, too.

There are so many heroines and heroes in these hard times of COVID-19. My dear wife, the Bos Lady, is one of these many. Just like her colleagues. Just like the active elderly who are pitching in to volunteer, helping the Bos Ladies of the world in delivering trays and picking up trays from their friends and neighbours.

And here’s the thing: all of them are doing these things with smiles on their faces and hope in their eyes. Because that’s also the sustenance that seniors living in these places need in these dark times of loneliness and not knowing.

So please…say a prayer for these heroines and heroes. Speak a word of thanks because they’re doing great things.

Say a big amen to that.



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