Today, I am 55 years old. Even my granddaughter Katelynn here is shocked. IMG_2309

I can honestly ask: How in the world did that happen? Only yesterday I was 22 and dating a hot young lady named Maria…

But happen it did. And so despite the mystery of calendar pages flipping by in blurring speed, I have arrived at this ripe old age in good health and good mind. Some may debate the latter but I am mature enough now to simply smile and nod, and stick my tongue out at them.

Yes, I have been blessed and continue to be blessed.

IMG_2389I have a wonderful wife, Maria; perhaps better known to you, dear reader, as the Bos Lady. Not only has she kept me sane over the years (a feat in itself), she has been my anchor, my best friend, my soul mate, and my laugh-track even when my quips and puns have carried little humour or ill. Oh, and she’s still hot. (I can just hear her now: “Why did you have to write that?!”)

God has also blessed me with three fantastic sons and daughter: Kristen, Brad, and Kevin. Our family treasures the gift of humour, and get-togethers are filled with laughter. Would an animated flick be made of the Bos family, the narrator would inevitably pronounce: “And there was much joy and laughter in the land!”

Two others have added to our joy: Jason, husband of Kristen; and Amanda, wife of Brad. Jay and Kristen begat Jamie and Matthew, and “Bramanda” begat Katelynn. (chuckle) Begat. (chuckle) Never typed that word before. Ever.

We are all in good health and good spirits. No one has cancer. Nobody was killed in a traffic accident. No relationship has soured. No one has walked away from the faith.

So I am extremely thankful for blessings upon blessings. It is a mystery why God has so evidently turned His face toward me and been gracious to me. Undeserving to say the least.

Today we will celebrate with family and friends. The Bos Lady has placed a Mexican theme on our celebrations tonight. There are all manners of Mexican décor right now at Chez Bos, and I have never seen so many limes this north of the equator. Tequila, my amigos and friends! The Bos Lady took a vacation day yesterday to prepare for tonight, spending much of the day prepping and cooking all manners of Mexican food and snacks. If POTUS had any sense of what is going on in the world, he would scrap his wall-building dream and build a new Interstate from Tijuana/San Diego straight to Chez Bos – we have enough food to feed them all.

55, eh? Ah yes, it’s a good time to be alive!

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