I got to thinking about Mom today. Seems natural, this being Mother’s Day and all. Hard to believe Mom’s been gone 15 years already.

As I said, I got to thinking about what a special lady she was in her quiet, humble way. Got to thinking about my visits with her when she lived at Summit Village in west Edmonton. Funny, she always had a list of handyman chores for me to do when I got there. It’s funny because anyone who knows me knows tools and me don’t dance well together. But I’d get the odd jobs done best I could, and then we’d talk for awhile. Just Mom and me sitting at her dining room table. Those were good times. I came to know my Mom so much better during those short years. Good times.

And while I was reminiscing today, I got to thinking about Mom during my late-teen years. When I had a truck, money in my pockets, and a close-knit group of carefree, bullet-proof friends. I wrote about these dangerous years and how Mom was during them in a 30-second radio spot (closer to a promo, really) while copywriting at 900 CKBI Radio in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The spot was closer to a promo than a commercial and I was surprised the retailer, Eagle’s something or other, let us produce and air it. I don’t have the spot anymore, but it’s seared into my psyche for all time.

The spot was voiced perfectly in the deep baritone voice of CKBI’s Program Director, John Wessel. I mean, he nailed it! I can play it in my head and it still gives me goosebumps. No music background, no sound effects. Just John, delivering the lines softly and deeply…

It was three o’clock in the morning and you were just coming home. You knew Mom would be up…waiting… checking every now and then for your shoes in the porch.

Slowly, carefully, you made your way in and – barely daring to breathe – you tiptoed to your room thinking this time –maybe this time – Mom had finally fallen asleep.

And then it happened. The soft, distinct click as her bedroom door closed.

For your love, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day….from Eagle’s.

Miss you, Mom.

Your son, Ron.

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