2013 in the rear view mirror

We’re nearing the end of another year; 2013 will soon pass from current to history. Custom nudges many of us at this time of year to look back on the past 12 months and settle our thoughts on things that stand out. I’m inspired by nieces of mine that have taken this custom and molded it into a loving tradition of capturing their families’ highlights in a page full of prose that accompany Christmas greetings. In this era of sound bites, Instagrams, tweets, and video bytes, it’s a beautiful tradition. And as mentioned, it’s inspired me to do somewhat the same (minus the Christmas card).

I’m thankful to be able to share that a lot has happened this past year, but nothing life-changing or life-threatening came upon us. Nobody battled grim illness. No one died. So no matter what else happened in 2013, those two non-happenings made it a great year.

But yes, much did happen, although I’ll keep this post brief by sharing only a few highlights. In no particular order…

The Bos Lady and I celebrated our 28th anniversary this summer and we agreed that since we’ve made it this far, we may as well stick it out for the duration. But we did make a couple of concessions on agreeing to tandem further down the road of life: she can buy all the shoes she wants, and there are no expectations for me to grow up any time soon. Ever.

We golfed together quite a bit on the little course in Barrhead (which is close to our lake lot at Lac La Nonne, a typical Alberta slough – errrrr, lake). I’m not sure yet what the Bos Lady most enjoys: driving the golf ball or driving the golf cart. Regardless, we have fun and we don’t keep score.

Our three-and-a-half year old granddaughter comes to visit us from time to time. This year, each of these occasions has been introduced with an enthusiastic “Gamma!” or “Gammpa!” and then a big hug. That’s so very cool indeed.

Our daughter Kristen and her husband Jason are expecting another child, and thus a double amount of Gamma/Gammpa choruses for us in short order. Her due date was Boxing Day, but to her consternation they are still waiting at the time of this writing. The doc says she is carrying a large baby. To my untrained eye, that’s a no-brainer – it sure ain’t no regulation-size basketball she’s carrying. (The Bos Household has dubbed the child: Wilson.)

Our favourite eldest son, Brad, completed a year of schooling toward his floor-laying journeyman’s ticket. Best of class marks earned him a healthy $1000 award. And bragging rights, of course. Brad also took a shining to another “A” bonus in the form of girlfriend Amanda. She hails from the hinterlands of Smithers, BC and has efficiently whittled down the five main food groups to two: steak and bacon. No, Amanda’s not a dietician; she eats only steak and bacon, and from what we’ve seen she eats only once a month.

Our youngest, Kevin, keeps himself busy with about 849 jobs in addition to providing taxi and general support services to his grandparents. His love of aircraft is stoked via a position at the Edmonton International Airport where he works de-icing planes. He’s already being groomed for supervisory roles, so they think very highly of him. Seems the authorities have chosen to forget that little incident of cutting off a WestJet plane with his de-icing truck. Chalked it up to an “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” incident, I guess. 🙂

I mentioned that Kevin was our youngest, but that’s no longer true. The Bos Lady and I are the proud “parents” of a new little bundle of puppy fur: a pom-chi that we’ve named Jackson. He’s white, energetic, adorable and Jacksonmaybe best of all, he poops little poops. Check the photo again and see if you don’t think “awwwww, he’s so cute!”

Aside from all these blessings, life at Chez Bos has progressed smoothly in 2013. Life’s usual happenings have continued: as we get older, we experience those mysterious body aches that come and go at their whim; the Bos Lady’s ongoing dustup with grey hairs continues under colour; gravity has victory in its grasp in the tug-o’-war with my body; the Lord continues to bless us with grace and goodwill; and love and laughter remain constant in our lives. Yes, life is good.

God’s blessings to you in the new year!

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