Seen it comin’ from a mile away

Recent developments in and around River City that haven’t surprised anyone:

Liberal Leader, Raj Sherman has yet to show any evidence of Tory weapons of mass intimidation in the health care sector.

Lows next week will drop to -25 overnights and Edmontonians have been waiting months for this snowshoe to drop.

On a completely unrelated note (ahem), almost all River City residents know someone who is somewhere down south right now, basking on a beach under the hot sun. And dagnabbit, it’s not us!

The Oilers playoff dreams have already disappeared…about the same time as the sugar plum dancing in their heads. There it is – oh, POOF! it’s gone.

Ralph Klein’s legacy of electricity sector deregulation has not produced the promised “downward pressure on prices”. In fact, current power rates are higher than anything in recent memory. Hardly shocking.

City Council is set to vote on a hefty raise that appears to be more generous than recent private sector wage increases. A cynical soul might see a pattern here among politicians.

Advertising continues to stretch the boundaries of well, that annoying little detail called Truth. Take Save on Foods, for one example. River City Save on Foods have been festooned (what a cool word!) with massive storefront banners exclaiming: “Save on Foods. Alberta’s Own.” Let’s see now. Save on Foods is a subsidiary of Overwaitea Foods, which is owned by Jim Pattison of Vancouver. Nothing says British Columbia more than bad NDP governments than Jim Pattison. Hmm. Perhaps he’s relocated and moved in with Daryl Katz.

Former Oiler Dustin Penner was recently injured eating his wife’s yummy pancakes. No, it’s true! I mean, ya can’t make this stuff up! (Speaking of truth, there’s none of it in the rumour that Penner could have been drafted as an offensive lineman by the Green Bay Packers.)

The Alberta Liberal Party is looking for another Communications Director. Again. Job qualifications include the following: Must have broad shoulders to bear all matters of blame. Must have medical license and triage experience to treat party leaders with self-inflicted gunshots to feet. Must keep resume current and master revolving doors.


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