Winter’s mild side

sunny_summer-1153Yesterday the temperature in River City reached 11 degrees Celsius; that’s 52 degrees for all my stubborn American friends. It should be noted yesterday was January 5. As the Edmonton Journal stated in a piece titled Edmonton’s balmy winter weather defies trends:

And, as anyone who has gone outside in the last two months can attest, it’s not just a one-off. The average temperature for December was 5.6 degrees. It’s usually closer to -11.3. Even more incredibly, Phillips said, is that night-time temperatures that usually dip to -19 have been hovering around the freezing mark.

In short, it’s been unseasonably warm this winter. So consistently warm that most River City residents say we haven’t even had winter yet. That’s accurate. Most people have continued to wear light summer or fall windbreaker jackets and no one’s had to plug in their vehicle. For those living in warm climes, when Albertans plug in their vehicles to an electrical outlet, it powers a block heater in the engine block (hence the name) to keep the oil at a fluid temperature so the vehicle will start in permafrost temperatures. Block heater. Think of it as a toque for your motor. What’s a toque? Oh, never mind.

But yeah, we’re wearing summer jackets, no gloves (and no toque), and we have virtually no snow. The weather experts are stating that La Nina is the reason for our comfy season. Frankly, that comes as a bit of a surprise. I was sure the experts would trot out that tried and true boogeyman, Climate Change. Or Global Warning. Or whatever we’re calling it this month. But nope. They say it’s La Nina blowing wave after wave of hot air from the Pacific over the Rockies. Call me sceptical still. Isn’t all that hot air coming from Vancouver Canuck fans chanting with fists raised in the air: “Wait ’til this spring, you filthy unbelievers!” Dear reader, I know you’re nodding here, thinking that is a realistic and prevalent mindset from all those crazy Great save, Luongo! followers. Heh heh, Vancouver Canuck fans…what a riot they are! (insert Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ here)

Well, whatever the cause for our beautiful weather through November, December and this far into January, we’re most grateful.

Or maybe that divine, pretty girl Summer never completely left us, after all.

Now where’s my sun block 40?

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