You know you’re from River City when…

•  You understand that after your left turn arrow expires, the red light offers a five-second grace period.   
•  You’ve been to the observation floor of the Alberta Government Telephones tower.
•  You switch to snow tires in September.
•  You know what the Butterdome is. And what the Motoraunt was.
•  You NEVER plant your gardens before the May long weekend.
•  You avoid West Edmonton Mall at all costs.
•  You brag about the river valley but haven’t walked or cycled there for years.
•  You can pick on Winnipeg because they have bigger mosquitoes.
•  You shorten street and avenue numbers as in “Turn left on 49th street” when you’re really talking about 149th street.
•  The Festival of Trees, Ice on Whyte, and/or the Silly Summer Parade catches your fancy.
•  You’ve watched, or at least thought about watching, a movie at the historic Garneau Theatre.
•  You’ve honked at a grader.
•  A mention of the Rathole brings up pleasant memories or a cold sweat.
•  You know those iconic glass pyramids are the Muttart Conservatory but you still don’t know the proper pronunciation of “Muttart”. (It’s the New Orleans syndrome.)
•  You’ve skated the wide open ice of Mayfair Park and Hawrelak Park.
•  You remember where Centennial Mall used to stand.
•  The Stollery Children’s Hospital is an intense source of pride.
•  You’re embarrassed by that silly giant bat at the corner of 97th and 118th.
•  You shopped Woodward’s and can still sing the jingle: “Dollar-49 Day, Tuesday!”
•  You barbeque on the deck year-round.
•  You listened to Top 40 radio on 630 CHED and “It’s a Wes Montgomery morning…here to wake you with a smile and get you on your way…good morning!, good morning!, it’s a Wes Montgomery morning…”
•  You’ve enjoyed a Taste of Edmonton and snacked on many a meat-on-a-stick at Heritage Days.
•  You’ve rocked in the bad acoustics of the Kinsmen Fieldhouse. And marvelled at the opposite in the Winspear Centre.
•  You’ve raced up or down Groat Road.

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