Something’s in the air

I think something’s in the air. Something’s stirring the pot here in River City.

Consider the Oilers. They lead their division and are tied with Chicago for the conference lead. They haven’t been tied for first beyond Game 1 since 44 Chicken was on the way. And the last time they won six consecutive games – yeah, say it out loud: six-in-a-row, baby! – I was a young man. Okay, younger.

Maybe it ain’t something wicked this way came but clearly, something sinister’s afoot.

How else to ‘splain today’s news that the Cromdale Hotel may finally, finally be bulldozed out of its misery. At long last, the challenged but hearty Cromdale neighbourhood can be rid of that eyesore and its sordid latter years history. Thank you, Shoppers Drug Mart! If the sale goes through, you’ll have brightened Alberta Avenue with the stroke of a pen and the weight of a wrecking ball. And to you, Cromdale owner Terry Nyquvest: a boot to the butt and an escort out of town.

Yes, there have been some strange happenstances lately.

The Eskimos are in the playoffs and fighting for first place. They’ve shown they can get downfield in a hurry this year and have a legitimate shot at Earl Grey’s mug. But as much fun as they’ve been to watch this season, I have to come clean – I’ve got to admit: I sorely miss the random “Fire Maciocia!” shouts around town.

Maybe it’s something in River City’s water.

The three-year Anthony Henday ring road project was completed on budget and pretty much on time. Drivers can now motor from Manning Freeway in the northeast to Highway 2 in the southwest without stopping. What a dream! Bring on the speed traps, EPS…I know you’re gunnin’ for us.

Why, we even have a new snow removal strategy for city streets. A real plan with what should be real results. I guess City Council finally succumbed to that crazy piece of legend and folklore: that River City gets snow and winter every once in a while.

Yup, the times be crazy ‘round here. No doubt.

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